Bulls-eye Brawl With Bows And Arrows


KAJANG, 1st November – Runningman: Archery Tag, organised by the College of Foundation and Diploma Studies (CFDS), was live at UNITEN Putrajaya’s Hockey Field on the 28th of October 2017 from 8.00am till 2.00pm. Participated by ten groups of five each, ranging from different ages and backgrounds determined to be the champion of the battlefield.

Promoting one of the sports loved by the Islamic Prophet Muhammad SAW, Runningman: Archery Tag implemented the essence of archery into a fun team domination experience with a fast-paced strategic approach. The teams were required to collect as many points before the time ran out either by eliminating the enemies or hitting the targets precisely.

During the tournament the teams were divided into two groups, A and B. To proceed to the next stage, two of the best teams from each group would be qualified for the semi-final and final.


A member of the winning team, Murtadha Haikal, expressed his joy over how the event was conducted, “I love archery. I had a lot of fun with my teammates. The final round especially was truly amazing. I had the best time during the final round! I didn’t expect us to become champions as there were many great competitors today.”

Team Rothman was crowned champion after they had dominated the battlefield. With only one loss during the whole tournament, they were almost undefeatable.

Moreover, we asked a contestant from the College of Engineering, currently in his second semester about the things he liked during the event. “My favourite moment was when the enemies ran out of arrows and my whole team began to retaliate altogether raining arrows onto them. It was really exciting, and I don’t regret coming to the event.”

Free practice range was provided throughout the entire duration of the event. Muhammad Azrin, one of the team leaders had fun testing out the shooting range, describing it as a “great opportunity” to experience archery.


Aside the participants, Nurul Husna, a committee that handled the guests and registration was very surprised at how enthusiastic everyone was despite the scorching weather. She was surprised at the response she received, even after registration was closed.

Program Director, Amirul Anwar, was especially happy with the flow of the event. Excitedly, he described a particular scene that caught his attention, “The final round was astounding! At this point, both teams were already so good at hitting their targets and had a good understanding of the game’s rhythm. The audience was also extremely attentive to the match!”

We at NADi would like to congratulate Murtadha Haikal and Team Rothman for winning first place in Runningman: Archery Tag. May they continue to become champions!

Written by: Muhammad Amir Hazim bin Jamaluddin

Photo Source: Runningman: Archery Tag

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