Book Lovers Assembled in UNITEN Library!



KAJANG, 11th December – \”Library Clients and Book Lovers Day\” was organized by the Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) Library on the 6th and 7th December 2017. Visited by a great number of students, the event took place in UNITEN Library starting from 9am and ending on 5pm for both days. Quite a number of activities were conducted in order to achieve the aim of the program: to attract more students to use the library\’s services in the future.

For both days, a book fair was held in the 24-hour Study Area which sold books of various genres for students to purchase at a really cheap price. Students were also able to donate their old books as well as take part in quizzes and games from vendors at the e-Resources Clinic. A huge variety of food and beverages were also on sale at the main entrance.


\”It was indeed a successful event as we achieved our main objective, that is to get students to visit the library more,\” said one of the committee members of the program, \”Furthermore, the program also paved a way for book lovers to grab the latest books with grand promotions besides having fun participating in the activities we provided. Among them were the lucky draw, Info Hunt, Sembang Buku, fines waiver session and many more,\” he added.

One of the events, Sembang Buku, a series featuring book-related talks, were held on both days, the first session being covered by Mejar (B) Qayyum while the other was handled by Dr. Othman Thalib. The first session focused on developing entrepreneurship skills among university students, which aimed at motivating students as well as giving beneficial tips. Siti Khairunnisa, a UNITEN student who attended the session, expressed her satisfaction, \”He shared a lot of his experience with us and it was inspiring to see how he could keep up to date with current issues and publish a book immediately after.\”

Meanwhile, the other session was entitled \”Tulis Tesis Cepat, Teknik Efektif & Efisyen\”, which taught students the art of completing a thesis effectively and efficiently. One of the students who attended the talk commented enthusiastically on the talk, \”It was absolutely amazing. I felt really pumped up.\”


Another event, Info Hunt, which was held throughout the span of both days, required students to search for books to hunt for clues. Adilah Izzati, a Foundation in Computer Science student, commented that she had a great day at library. \”The Info Hunt was a very adventurous activity. Contestants were given a title of a book at the starting line and had to search for the book in the library in order to get the next clue. This was an effective way to expose student to OPAC, which is the library search system.\”

Moreover, she complimented the Scorun system done by the Librarians. Students needed to go from booth by booth to get a stamp to be qualified to get scorun. In addition, students who managed to collect all the stamps were given a chance to enter a lucky draw.

The prize giving ceremony was held at the mini-stage located at the 24-hour study area. The prizes were given by Dr. Siti Salbiah Mohamed Shariff, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Management and Development and Tn. Hj. Sazali Sulaiman, Chief Librarian of UNITEN library to Dr. Othman Talib as well as to the students who borrowed the most books. A talk regarding academic research by the Vendor signaled the end of the event at 3.30 pm.


\”It was a great event,\” said Muhammad Aqeel A. Halim, one of the many participants, \”It was a great initiative from the library to open up to students and connect.\”

Written by: Aliya Najieha.

Edited by: Ahmad Danial \’Irfan.

Photo Source: UNITEN Library and Skuad Media UNITEN.

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