Beware, Spyware

Title: Beware, Spyware


KAJANG, 6th March 2018 – On the 3rd of March 2018, a Hack@10 program was held which took place at College of Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT). It is a one-day event that started at 8 o\’clock in the morning and ended by 6 o\’clock in the evening.

This event was held to find new talent among competing students and reward those who have successfully demonstrated their ability in an ethical hacking competition. Besides providing opportunities for students to demonstrate their individuality and enhance their computer security dexterity, it helped to create awareness among university students about the job opportunities available in the field of computer security and the tasks performed by computer security experts in the industry.

Prof. Dr. Zainuddun bin Hassan, Dean of CSIT kicked off the event with his welcoming speech. Speakers from several IT companies including MDEC, OWASP, Astiostech and Netbytesec also delivered speeches with topics ranging from cyber security to career opportunities in the information technology industry.  About 70 participants including students from SMK Presint 11(1), SMK Seksyen 19 Shah Alam and the public were present during the talk.



Soo Mei Teng, Vice Program Director, Hack@10 commented that participants gave full cooperation throughout the event and thanked everyone for making the program a success. Special thanks were also given to the event advisors Dr. Fiza binti Abdul Rahim, Mr. Md Nabil bin Ahmad Zawawi, and Mr. Zul-Azri bin Ibrahim.

Soo Mei Teng said: \”We managed to get TNB IT, MDEC, Astiostech and Hilti to sponsor this program. We are glad to have them. This is an event where students can really test their skills and get exposure in the information security field. Although this time UNITEN’s teams didn\’t get to win in the competition, I believe that this event gives them good experience to join more similar programs and that they will be able to make UNITEN proud in the future. We are looking forward to makingthis event an annual program, and will do our best to include more information security elements in parallel with the hacking competition.\”

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One of the spectators commented on her experience, saying that all four speakers were great and she favored Mr. Sanjay as he talked about Bitcoin and how it relates to current life issues. \”I got an opportunity to meet such wonderful individuals and have a clear picture of what kind of person I want to be all the while learning new things. Thank you UNITEN for organizing this event.\”

We from NADi would like to personally congratulate all the winners. May UNITEN rise above the others and conquer the competition next time. All the best.


Written By: Annha

Edited By: Rayden Sia


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