Being Anything You Want To at JCCU’s Costume Party


Everyone, dressed up as all sorts of characters, at the end of the party.

KAJANG, 4st November – ‘Costume Party’ was recently held by the Japanese Cultural Club Uniten (JCCU) on the 30th October 2017 from 6pm to 10pm at the BV1 Theatre. Aimed to entertain party guests by allowing them to ‘be whatever they want’, the party buzzed alive with many games and performances, where guests were served a variety of dishes for a night of fun.

Among the performances was diploma student, Daniel Zaki, or better known by his alias, DZ, whose rapping and singing got the crowd riled up. There was also a short skit by team “No Honour” who parodied a game infamously known for its difficulty, Dark Souls, that really brought out the laughs from among the participants. Byron Melvin Benjamin, one of the participants said, “The party’s great. Everyone’s having fun and feeling excited. I feel that we can all be ourselves here.”

Several games were also organised, offering party guests a chance to directly involve themselves with the party as well as to win some prizes that JCCU had provided. Salwa Salsabila, who participated in a game that required her to eat a huge slice of watermelon without the use of her hands, expressed her thoughts enthusiastically, “I feel like throwing up, but in a good way. It was really fun; I’ve never eaten so fast in my life and I forgot all about being feminine and went straight for it. The party’s great and I definitely don’t regret coming here as the party is cozy and chill and no one’s being stuck up.”

Moments before the carnage.

The costume party reached its end with the announcement of the best male and female costumes for the night, followed by a photo session with all party guests. Khalida Kamaria, winner of the best female costume said, “I enjoyed the party; it had good food and music. I ended up in this costume due to knowing it last minute and I thought that dressing up as a vampire would be easy. I definitely would come again if I had the chance.”

Aziz, our international student from Uzbekistan, who won the best male costume, expressed his joy over the event, “When I came to this party, I really enjoyed it like how I wanted to. But I really didn’t expect to win the best costume award. Thank you so much for the opportunity, I’m really glad.”

Aziz, AKA Zorro, standing proudly as he was declared the owner of the “best male costume”.
Khalida the “vampire”, happy over winning the “best female costume”.

Akram Tobeng, president of JCCU felt overall satisfied with the costume party, “I’m really happy that the event turned out well despite some shortcomings and am also glad to see we put some smile on the attendees. Good job team.”

He also said that, “I had the idea of a costume party since the name JCCU popped up but had to put it in the backlog due to various anime/comic conventions in Malaysia. But I suddenly thought that we could organize something small for the community. I would definitely organize this party again and would like to see the project grow and wish that this would be a staple in UNITEN.”

Written by: Andrew Chan

Photo Source: Luqman Nur Hakeem bin Norhisham

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