TAN SHEM SHIN with the award received

BANGI, 20 APRIL – Just when everyone else is busy looking for co-curricular activities inside university, Tan Shem Shin, 23, practices what he had learned in class to help with a relief organization. The Institution of Engineer Malaysia (IEM) Gold Award winner 2015/16 whom had just graduated from Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) with a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering when he first joined INSAF Malaysia, a non-profit organization aimed to provide humanitarian and technical relief for natural disaster victims.

The prestigious award was given based on strict criteria which include excellence in academic and cocurricular activities, apart than having to be an IEM member upon nomination by universities or academic institution.

“We pride ourselves in being the first organization providing technical relief in Malaysia” said Shim Shen during an interview after the award giving ceremony during IEM Annual Dinner 2016 in Sunway Resort Hotel.

INSAF Malaysia provides services like medicine and medical help, food, clean water supply and sanitation and shelter aside from performing co-ordination as well as logistics duties in areas affected by natural disasters.

“Apart from giving assistance during natural disasters, we also help to provide shelters to communities in rural areas,” added him, who are currently building houses for suku Temuan in Dengkil, Selangor.

“The houses are built on their own land, however a study prior the construction is needed to complement what can we provide.” said Tan.

He is currently researching on the solar cell technology to provide electricity for those who can’t afford to pay the electricity bills. The self-funded research has been going on for a year and upon completion will be installed at camps during natural disaster occurrence.

Tan, who is holding the assistant secretary post in the organization is planning to pursue his studies in Masters in Mechanical Engineering and is currently seeking for financial support. “This is where my basic knowledge in engineering comes in. I think students should join these kinds of activities. We are not only able to practice our knowledge outside classes, we are also bound to meet a lot of people to sharpen our soft skills and build our own network,” he added, ending the interview session.


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