And We’re Back! (With Some Tips for The New Intake Too!)


Bonjour, everybody.

We are officially back with a vengeance, ladies and gentlemen! We’ve had our fair share of vacations and trips during our semester break (some of us *cough*the lucky goons*cough* even went abroad!) and we feel like it’s a good time as any to finally be back before we begin to lose all interest and passion in pursuing our diplomas and degrees.

I mean, our results almost did kill all our hopes and dreams of living out our lives as fancy schmancy Ir.s with our five-digit salaries and our smoking hot partners and the self-esteem that abandoned us throughout our high school years, but nah. You win some, you lose some.

(wow. that got real.)

But yes, welcome back, and also, hello to all the new students who just joined us! Our director talked to you regarding who we are (Hi, we’re NADi, if you didn’t know) and about how we want to showcase the students to the students, presented and written to you by the students.

This is exactly that. We received some questions from some of you about UNITEN in general. Now, let’s go through them.

“What is the best place to eat here in UNITEN?”

– LookingToMakan

Well, dear Luke (can I call you that?), to be honest, the food in UNITEN is pretty, well, average. We basically have our famous Upten food court, the COE food court, Lotten (which isn’t technically UNITEN’s), Imrish Cafe at CFDS, the cafe in Admin (legit pretty cheap!) as well as the cafe in CSIT (which is a long walk away, trust me – I’ve tried!).

Now, majority of food being served here would be typical local dishes – nasi goreng, mi goreng, nasi ayam and the sort, so yeah. There’s also a mamak stall in Upten where you can experience your roti canais and teh tariks. However, if you’re not into Malaysian cuisines, there’s an Arabic stall in COE food court and that’s pretty much it, haha. Humble, little UNITEN.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, food-wise, we could probably use some work. But aside that, we’re pretty legit!

My personal advice? We have a lot of stores here in UNITEN buuut let us all grab our phones, ring up an Uber and let’s go to De Centrum instead.

Just kidding! Just try them all. See if you like them or not and if you do, then good for you! If you don’t, well… High five!



“I heard that girls here are scarce. How do we survive?”

– Girl Lover


Well, well, well, this is truly a crisis. Ladies and gentlemen, well, no, gentlemen (unless you swing the other way), I’m afraid you’re going to have to calm down. This is indeed a fact. The ratio between guys and girls in UNITEN is extremely wide and this is especially true for COE students (yes, CSIT students. You may cheer in rejoice). This is a recurring issue that has happened since the dawn of time (or rather, since UNITEN was first developed), meaning that your male seniors in the past have actually miraculously managed to live with this kind of problem on their hands. So, guess what? It’s not impossible! Le gasp!

If they could do it, then why can’t you? Haha. If you’re lucky though, there are girls here in UNITEN (surprise, surprise!) despite everyone saying otherwise so, if love comes your way, then good on you, bro. We’re in full support!

However, don’t mind us as we all silently hate you though, but still, good for you, bro!


“Is studying here difficult?”

– Curious Student 101


Well, my dear student, the answer to that question is… Well, life is hard. Let’s put on my serious mask for this question. Lego!

You were born into this world and have been raised to the ripe age of however-old-you-are, and I bet my fortune that all of us have encountered at least some form of ordeals in our lives. We’ve had our fair share of break-ups and deaths and accidents and falling out with friends but at the end of the day, hey! We’re alive and still awesome to boot!

So, how does that relate to all this? Well, like life, lecturers are going to present to you with a lot of new information and knowledge that your brain has to process. You can do so with an open heart and with dedication or you could do it with minimal effort. You could also choose to be happy with studying here or you could instead choose to complain to the world and not do a thing.

All that matters, my friends, is your attitude and your behavior. If you have the right mindset in mind, then your limits are endless!

And on that sappy note, we shall bid all of you adieu. Thank you very much for reading through this! If you have any questions you want to ask us (because we’re clearly qualified, duh! *sarcasm*), send us an email at, haha. Maybe we’ll even do a part two? 😉

Au revoir, everybody!


Written by: Shy Butterfly Guy

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