After All This Time?

Most of us are familiar with the bad guy turned good in movies. The cinema has done a pretty good job of it for the past decades. Well enough with that because today I’m going to be talking about a good man in a bad guy suit. Frankly speaking, it is about a good guy who stayed in the bad side or something similar. It’s complicated so that is why you are gonna have to listen closely. Good, let’s go.


The late Alan Rickman potrayed one of the best if not the best character in the Harry Potter series, our beloved Professor Severus Snape. I must admit, my first impression of him in the early movies was not a good one. Bet you too found it hard to like him upon first glance. Sometimes he reminded you of the grumpy teacher of your chemistry class during high school. It didn’t? Me either. Come on now, we can’t blame him for that. It’s true he doesn’t have the look any heroes might have. Other than putting on those dark robes and never wearing a smile. Yeah, that sounds like a good guy to me.


Looking back on his early life, Snape’s younger years were tormented with despair, fear and loneliness.His poor little heart broke as his crush was stolen by his own bully. Living alone with no friends to talk to. None of these were his fault. Even though all the calamities he had been through, he stood tall and moved forward as life must keep going. Despite what countless people thought of him, deep inside only he himself bore the truth of things. And yet, he still chose to live in the shadow he had cast.


The murder of Dumbledore was a major turning point for the whole story as my negative perspective of Snape began to plummet. Some part of me shattered and broke into pieces by the time he cast the killing curse with his wand pointed towards the most powerful wizard in the world. Killed with a single blow. Kepishhh! Sending the old man flying through the air.


He managed to keep his well hidden intentions off the face of the earth. Even Harry didn’t see that coming. At the end of the day, he clearly fooled us all. All we can do now is just feel sorry for him and also my knees are sore from jumping to conclusions too much. All of the acting, the secrets he held, the plot he made and the double cross even. And that my friend, is a whole new level of badassery.



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James Adam


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