Achieving the ‘One Day Ramadhan Challenge’

KAJANG, 16th JUNE – Organized by Persatuan Pelajar Kelompok Murni, the ‘One Day Ramadhan Challenge’ was successfully conducted on the 14th June 2017. Centering around non-muslims, the event aimed as a cultural sharing session between muslims and non-muslims, where they both participated in fasting for the entire day while continuing with their life as usual.

Gathering at 2:30am, the muslim participants first woke up early for Qiam. Later, at 4:30am the non-muslim participants joined them and together, they had their Sahur at Mini Library Murni, where it was announced that they would hold a video competition to record the participants’ experiences throughout the day while fasting. Soo Mei Chia, a second year Graphics and Multimedia student, found herself extremely tired waking up for Sahur, yet still remained determined. “I was so sleepy when I was there but I wanted to experience the culture of fasting. So, I forced myself to wake up and went down to Mini Library Murni,” she commented.

Though tired and sleepy, the participants had their sahur together at 4:30am.

After Sahur ended, the day proceeded as normal for the participants. Soo Mei Teng, a final year software engineering student who was involved in the election recounted her experience throughout the challenge, “On the day, I didn’t actually sleep much because I was preparing things for the election. While fasting, I picked up the water bottle so naturally because I am used to drinking a lot of water but I realized and stopped myself. It’s kind of funny because I was still adapting to the fact that I couldn’t drink for the entire day.”

Jamie Rebecca A/P Thangaraj, a third year electrical power engineering student agreed with her. “It’s definitely a big challenge to me since it was the first time I fasted and especially without water was the most challenging part. Despite of the challenges, I truly enjoyed each and every moment of the fasting period and I’m pretty proud of myself.”

When the time came for iftar, the participants all gathered together at 6:30pm to prepare the food at Mini Library Murni, and, at 7:24pm, held a potluck session to break their fast as well as discuss their experience on fasting. Ustazah Aniza Mohamed Nor, one of the fellows for Kelompok Murni, happily gave her speech after the session. “Thank you and congratulations to all participants who achieved the challenge. I felt so touched to see more non-muslims coming, accepting and achieving the challenge of fasting as well as to see the muslims wake up early in the morning for Qiam.”


Ustazah Aniza Mohamed Nor expressed her joy to see the high number of participation from non-muslims.

She also educated everyone on the benefits of fasting and encouraged non-muslims to fast, not for religious purposes, but simply to ensure their health is taken care of. She highlighted that fasting is not only for Muslims.

A prize was also given to the winner of their video competition, Naga Eswari A/P Gobalar for her outstanding video, recording her thoughts throughout the entirety of the challenge.

Happy, the non-muslims who succeeded in the challenge were grateful for the experience. “I want to take this chance to thank Persatuan Pelajar Kelompok Murni and Kelompok Murni’s principals and fellows for organizing such a meaningful event,” said Soo Mei Teng, “Hopefully there will be more similar events coming.”

One cultural melting pot, the participants of the One Day Ramadhan Challenge bonded under the challenges of fasting, having their iftar together.

Written by: Ahmad Danial ‘Irfan bin Husain

Special Thanks To: Soo Mei Chia, Soo Mei Teng and Jamie Rebecca A/P Thangaraj.

Photo Sourced: Persatuan Pelajar Kelompok Murni

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