A UNITEN Christmas Sing-A-Long.



Dashing through your mind,

Head shaking in regret,

Working your behind,

You feel you’re almost dead!


FYPs galore,

Projects still unchecked,

There’s Calculus and capstone,

And TOM and POM and heck.


Jingle bells, python shells, assignments due today!

Don’t forget the sketch you had misplaced in Amanah, yay!

Warning bells, broken Dells, laptop in distress.

You can’t enjoy the turkey when your life is such a mess.


What does printf do?

You feel something is amiss,

Numec begins to haunt you,

As you’re counting all your gifts.


Where’s the Christmas cheer?

Where’s your inner child?

You want some holiday beer!

But work is due tonight.


Jingle bells, life is hell, you wish you hadn’t skipped,

All those days, where you played games, and now your butt is whipped.

Tortured yells, heart be well, remember – it’s a joke.

Merry Christmas from us at NADi! While eating, please don’t choke!


Written by: Mr. Shy Butterfly Guy

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