A Tale of Black Tears : Larmes Noires

The crew and actors of Larmes Noires, overjoyed over the success of their show.

PUTRAJAYA, 6th December – ‘Larmes Noires’, a drama represented by a group of aspiring UNITEN actors, came to a close on the 5th November 2016. The drama was attended by Dr. Rosmiza Binti Mokhtar, Deputy Dean of College of Foundation and Diploma Studies (CFDS) as well as Dr. Ahmad Kamal Bin Zulkifle, Head of Department of Science and Mathematics of CFDS.

The drama was attended by approximately 300 spectators. “We opened up a booth during UnitenWOW and we only sold a few tickets, but on the day of the event itself, we realized we had sold out. A lot of people wanted to walk in, but we unfortunately couldn’t let them in,” said Dhashini Pirabagaran, the scriptwriter behind ‘Larmes Noir’.

‘Larmes Noir’, otherwise known as ‘Black Tears’ in English, is a modern spin-off of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, where the traditional heir to the throne of Denmark, Hamlet, has been transformed to an orphaned CEO-to-be named Danial. The tale revolves around a story of angst, heartbreak and regrets as Daniel tries to fathom the mysteries revolving around the murder of his father and, along the way, finds himself in troubled waters he never knew existed.

Among the actors were Avinaash Ravintheran, who starred in the show as Danial Fox himself, Sharon Mae Kumar, Danial’s beloved girlfriend named Ivy, Nur Amiera D.H Azizul as Felicia Fox, Danial’s mother, Ahmad Shah as the stepfather who had stolen Danial’s mother’s heart away, Muhd Danial Muhd Zaki as Danial’s father, Amir Ridhwan Ahmad Fauzi as Hero and more. These great people were directed by none other than Rola Ziyad Saied Alsdudi, a fellow UNITEN student, and coached by Mr. Andy Darrel Gomez.

When asked if there would be any plays or dramas in the near future, they remained hopeful. “It depends if we have enough time and manpower,” said Dhashini.

“It was very good for a bunch of students. I’d definitely go again,” Nasha Amira Mohamed Amir, one of the many members of the audience, said excitedly, giving it two thumbs up.

“I really like the first half. Everyone was confused at first but it starts off the mood really well,” Siti Khadijah binti Mohamed Afni, another spectator commented, “Danial was my favourite character.”

The money they made, totaling RM2080 was donated to Rumah Amal Kasih Bestari, a gracious tip for the unfortunate.

Written by : Ahmad Danial ‘Irfan Bin Husain

Two of many dramatic scenes that night.


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