Weekly Meeting 6: “Welcome To UNITEN”

This is SRC’s 6th weekly meeting that took place on 18th of January 2024 at 10:00PM located at SRC Meeting Room 1. The agendas included discussion regarding upcoming student orientation, progress update and postmortem of the 3P Workshop.

Meeting Summary:

Discussion Regarding Upcoming Student Orientation:
1. The President emphasized the mandatory attendance of all SRC members during the orientation.
2. SRC members who not directly involved will be assigned office tasks during the orientation.
3. The ordering of orientation kits, aiming for completion by January 20, 2024.
4. Finalizing the list of SRC members required for the orientation promptly.

Progress Update:


  • Completed Club Fiesta 1 proposal.
  • Club Fiesta 2.0 nearing completion.
  • Scheduled a meeting with the manager of Student Affairs Department, Mr. Sharifbuddin to discuss regarding PIALA TNC.


  • Almost finished Proposal Program CSR.
  • Townhall preparations almost complete.
  • Assigned four CSR proposals due by Wednesday.
  • Tasked with liaising with all College deans regarding their welfare.


  • Completed various tasks.
  • Assigned to procure facilities pictures.
  • Assigned to accompany Dollah for accommodation inspections.
  • Completed proposal for Infinitem.


  • Discussed why the UNITECH Conference proposal was rejected.
  • Highlighted the importance of collaboration with other COllege of Computing and Informatics (CCI) clubs such as Pro-C and Clicq UNITEN.
  • Tasked with website fixes by week’s end.


  • Submitted proposal “Barang Keperluan.”
  • Discussed plans to centralize food vendors in Cendi.
  • Proposed a carbooth sale with Citra Seni busking nearby, scheduled for April 27 pending confirmation.
  • President queried ROI of the program, to be confirmed.
  • President inquired about Putrajaya Business Plan.


  • Tasked with improving communication style with students and staff.


  • Reported effective management of YES affairs.
  • Confirmed successful handling of board meetings.


  • Progressed with Madrasah Ramadan Proposal.
  • Sourcing sponsors ongoing.
  • Completed latest yearly planning, advised all to review the calendar.
  • Tasked with sponsorships and official letters alongside Vishnu and Zaim.


  • Discussed inclusion of gamelan ensemble in FSU plans.
  • Proposed a takbir raya following discussions with NADi.
  • Outlined focus areas for “Sembang Santai” and NADi: podcast, bulletin, and survey posts.


  • Completed miscellaneous tasks.
  • Pending quality control of all YES papers.
  • Pending Minutes of Meetings (MOMs).


  • Completed Baktisiswa Proposal.
  • UNITEN ambassador sample answers finalized.
  • Planning Leadership Outbound Programs.
  • Submitted proposal for new caféteria and motorcycle parking in Amanah Residency.

Post-mortem of 3P Workshop:

  • Emphasized points:
  1. Protocol
  2. Communication
  3. Video Montage

The meeting concluded with a heartfelt discussion among all members addressing the current state of SRC affairs. This report encapsulates the proceedings of the 6th weekly meeting of the SRC.

Prepared By: Muhamad Nur Zaim Bin Omar (Head of Corporate Affairs)

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