Technical Visit to TNB Putrajaya Power Plant

PUTRAJAY\"14523284_602331796617962_5023226278786452251_n\"A, 3rd November 2016 – UNITEN IET ON CAMPUS has organized a visit to TNB Putrajaya Power Plant on the 27th October 2016. A total of 40 participants were part of this event, which consist of members and non-members of IET UNITEN. The main objective of this team building event is to give participants exposure on the existing resources on how a power plant is operated and also to expose them on real-life working conditions.

TNB Putrajaya Power Plant is a gas turbine power station which is the nearest power plant from UNITEN. The gas turbine plant in TNB Putrajaya Power Plant consists of two units of 110MW General Electric Frame 9E model and three units of Siemens 135MW V94.2 Ratio model. Both 9E models and one Siemens model had been shut down last year due to license expiration. Hence, the officers gave the opportunity for the students to access those 3 models and explained clearly about the operations of the power plant.

The operations of this power plant starts at 8am and ends at 5pm, mainly to meet the demand during peak hours. The machine can be put on commercial loading within 30 minutes upon request from Malaysia\’s National Load Dispatch Center.

\”From this event organized, we can see that most of them were satisfied with the visit. They have also learnt to engage social conversations among the members and the working people in the power plant. This event can be concluded as a successful event and we hope to organize more visits such as this in the near future.\” – said Chia Ying Yuen, organiser of the site visit.

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