Greetings fellow UNITENians and Lectures🙏

Pongolo Pongal🔥

May the festival’s warmth and joy fill your heart with love and spread to everyone nearby like a delightful ponggal. We are wishing you a happy and fun-filled ponggal.

Join us for our event, the UNITEN INDIAN CULTURAL SOCIETY (UNICS) Ponggal Vizha 2023. Get up-close with our committee  and member in the event to expose the upcoming generation to the culture and also the ways of celebrating Ponggal☀️.

 Here are the details:

Date: 10th February 2023

Time: 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm

Venue:  COE Cafe UNITEN

Payment: RM50.00 for each group

So, COME AND JOIN US! Registration is open to EVERYONE.

Registration link:


SCORUN is provided ✅

For any inquiries or assistance required, please do not hesitate to contact ☎️us

Aravind – 0165684397

Rashvini – 017-694 6503

Kavinraj – 019-859 8065

or email us here at welfare.unics@gmail.com.

The event is finished.

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