UNITEN Student’s Visit Southern Edible Oil for Real-life Work Exposure

IET UNITEN On Campus, UNITEN students & Southern Edible Oil posing for a photo during the end of the visit

KAPAR, 8th March –  A site visit to Southern Edible Oil was organized by IET UNITEN On Campus on the 8th of March 2018 (Thursday) from 8:00am to 1:00pm, catered to expose a total of 35 students to the real working conditions and knowledge about palm oil capsules manufacturing. Departing at 8.15am with breakfast along the journey, participants were welcomed after an hour’s journey by Southern Edible Oil’s representative, Mr Hii.

Participants were briefed on the history and background of the company before commencing the tour around the site. As for the tour, participants were separated into two groups because the company’s laboratory could not accommodate too many participants. In the laboratory, one tour group was shown the processes of soap making, palm oil quality testing and product packaging while the other group was shown the manufacturing process which is also done on site.



Mr Hii, representative from Southern Edible Oil explained about the fractions and functions of the palm oil.

“Students are encouraged to conduct industrial visits to various companies, namely those in the palm oleochemical sector that is much bigger than the refinery industry at the moment.” said Mr Hii. Mr Hii also added: “The technicality and design involved in this industry is much more complicated than in refineries. Here, your engineering skills will be tested”.

Laboratory exposure on prototyping level of soap making, quality testing and product packaging



Written By: Ahmad Danial

Edited By: Rayden

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