[Filler Fridays #2]: Paper and Flame

you were a paper boy
he was a man of flame.
his fiery words burnt
paper heart in shame.

paper shoulders shrugged
tried to act indifferent.
paper brain relaxed
tried to be persistent.

paper hand outstretched
fiery grip tightened.
flames licked up your arm,
yet your bond grew brightened.

discovered the feelings
wriggling within,
no blazing monster,
more behind his grin.

shared his fiery past
discovered his secrets
learned the reason why
his fires were sleepless.

his sharp, blazing eyes
softened that night
then pondered why
you were never in fright?

to burn you he could
to ash in the wind,
yet you still stayed loyal
your bond hadn’t dimmed.

your paper lips smiled
simply perplexed
but you don’t really care
friendship isn’t complex.

and as you sat together
paper and fire in unity
you shut paper eyelids
fell in love with this lunacy.

one step to your right
could lead to your doom
but scared? you were not
your friendship had bloomed.

Written by: Ahmad Danial ‘Irfan bin Husain

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